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 Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!!!!
I was driving home late one night. It was foggy and cold from hours of rain and snow. My 1 year old daughter was sleeping in her car seat and my wife in the passenger seat. It was Christmas day and we were 50 miles into a 100 mile drive all the way home. The car was slightly warm and the windows were fogged up, the trunk full of presents received by both sides of the family. But this didn't seem like an ordinary Christmas night, something was off. Ever since we drove down this one intersection their have been no cars any where around.

'Hm. Weird,' I thought. Normally on Christmas Day you would expect cars everywhere. But not this night... Not this night..

Not long after thinking that, My daughter, Amiya, woke crying. It immediately  woke my wife, Elizabeth. She looked at me and groaned. I took my eyes off the road for a second and smiled at her. She looked so tired and cute with her hair all tangled and twisted from sleep. Before I knew it I was looking longer than a second and my wife noticed while getting the bottle ready.

"Eyes on the road, Darren." She grumbled, not even looking at me. I wiped out of my trans and snapped my eyes back on the road in time to see a blurred figure just standing there. I slammed on my brakes and the baby and my wife's bodies shot forward but bounced back in their original state once they reached the seatbelt. I took deep breaths and clutched the wheel. My wife was holding onto my arm with one hand and the door with the other.

"Why did you do that?" She said quietly looking over at me. I blinked to see their was nothing there.

"I don't know, I thought I hit someone. I'm sorry." I said looking over at her. She just shook her head and wiped her eyes looking at the spilled bottle and hearing the screaming baby. I continued to drive another 5 miles when I saw the same figure appear. My wife asked me a question and I looked at her then at the road and saw it. This time I could see that it was a woman but I couldn't make anything of what she looked like. I stopped the car before it reached her and squinted my eyes around the fog. But I saw nothing. I slumped back into my seat and sighed, already hearing my wife and baby.

"What the hell is wrong with you, stopping the car every five minutes." She continued to nag me and trying to soothe the baby. I told her that I saw a woman this time and she laughed.

"A woman. Darren their have been no cars, people, nothing out here. How did you see a damn woman?!" She shouted. I got irritated and yelled back at her.

"I don't fucking know, you mind explaining it to me?!" I looked back at the road when she got in my face to yell. This time I hit someone. They flew over the windshield and over the car. I stopped the car. My wife looked behind us and then looked at me.

"Oh my god.." She said and started crying.

"Elizabeth stay in car with the baby." I said grabbing her shoulders and turning her to look at me. She looked at me and I kissed her lips and got out of the car. When I did I saw that the glass of the windshield busted on my wife's side and dents tatter the hood. I turned my head behind the car and saw pale white feet I rushed behind the car and covered my mouth. A beautiful woman with long blonde hair caked with blood laid sprawled behind my car. Her head was turned facing me. Her eyes wide open and bleeding, her nose and mouth the same way. Her bones broken and stinking out at me. A pool of blood seeped out of her head and stained her white dress and the gray road. I quickly ran back to my car and jumped in. I was driving at least 80 and I figured that was enough to have done the damages seen.

"Elizabeth call the police I think I kill-


I stopped. Why would Elizabeth be laughing now? At a time like this? Why was she not-

Then I remembered something. As soon as I seen the woman's body, I no longer heard my crying wife or the baby. I looked over at Elizabeth.

There where my wife should be sat the woman. She looked like I hadn't just ran over her. She had no blood or anything on her. I panicked and saw that neither Elizabeth or the baby was in the car. I backed up against my door and tried to open it. It wouldn't budge. She crawled over to me. Blood slowly covered her until she looked that she had when I hit her. She crawled over to my lap and put both her hands on either side of my head. All she did was look at me, a tear slid down her cheek.

"Timothy.." She said, rubbing a bloody, broken hand on my cheek. She laid her body on mine, her blood spilling on me. Her head laid softly below my neck as she curled up to me. She sniffled, closing her crying eyes. She reached up to mine and brushed her fingers over my eyes lids gently.

"Close your eyes.." She whispered. And I did...

I jolted awake. I looked around me. I was in the hospital, Elizabeth beside me.

"Oh Darren, Your awake!" She hugged me. I asked what happened as she explained everything. We swerved off the road to avoid hitting someone when we crashed. Elizabeth woke after about five minutes. The baby was gone.

They found a bloody hand print on the car door handle and the baby's car seat. They checked the finger prints and they match someone's. A woman who died two years ago.

She was riding with her boyfriend when they got in an argument while driving. She demanded he stop and she jumped out of the car and began walking. The boyfriend tried coaxing her into coming back but she refused. He then drove a little bit and turned around and drove back to her, thinking she would get back in. When did he didn't see her. He turned back around and slowly drove this time. He saw a flash of white and saw her standing there. He stopped and got out of the car. He went over to her side. She just looked at him. When he tried to speak, she walked right through him. His eyes closed and he fell down into something wet. He looked to his left and gasped. Their she lay, Just they way Darren remembered. While Her boyfriend left and she was walking a car didn't see her and hit her. The driver sped off and was never found. The boyfriend committed suicide a week later.

The baby of Elizabeth and Darren was never found. And to this day they look and wonder, But never did they travel down that road ever again...
The Woman On The Road
I found it,
I found it even when I had lost hope,
I found it even when I knew it wouldn't end well.

Hope for it was gone,
Only the smallest speck was left,
Buried deep within the dark self and lost heart.

How you managed to make it grow,
From a bland seed to a wild and vibrant tree,
Will always be a mystery.

You feed me with slight words and images,
But the thought of finding it has kept me full,
And I know just maybe,
You'll let me starve.

You found it,
You found it when the odds were against you,
You found it even when it was forbidden.

I was enough to pull you back into it's world,
Enough to convince you that you still had it left in you,
And like gasoline to a fire I lit it up.

The sparks from that fire were real and beautiful,
But you are slowly diming them and drowning them,
You are slowly starving me.

You are joy-filled when I have anything to do with the matter,
The spirit is always thrilled and happy,
But is it?

We found it,
We found it together,
We dug it out and saved it.

Every rose has it's thorns,
But these thorns are sharp and painful,
These thorns are deadly with a passion.

But the rose is something else,
The rose is one of a kind and true,
The rose is the safe haven and where the heart lays.

Together we will find our way out of the heartless, forbidden world,
We will fight it and avoid it,
We will pass it and go into the real place.

I will not lose you along the way,
I will not let it take you from me,
I will keep you by my side.

And you will not lose me along the way,
You won't let it take me form you,
You will keep me by your side.

We will find our way from the path to the forbidden world and find our way on the path to the world called love.
There, the small speck of wonder then flew around. To his eyes it was only a small dust-ball simply floating around. When he went to swat it away from him the ball glowed. In fact it shined and grew larger, enough to fit in his hand. It stopped flying and then ever so gently sank down into the air above him. The glowing wonder fell softly on the wrinkly page he was reading. His presence seemed unable to move, frozen-like. Something about it made his eyes lock into contact with it. Uncertainty and somewhat fear and curiosity began to fill him, but of this he was unclear of. Emotions like that never really quite inhabited him before. Then the light slowly took form. A small, feminine body shaped on the paper. It moved and stretched out a tiny, soft arm and wiggled the fingers attached to it. His eyes widened and in his eyes the light shined. In his eyes the small speck was no longer that but something else...
In The Air (Sneak Peak)
Sneak peak of new story
Happy New Year! Even though its late!
 Hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!!!!


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